Canberra (ACT) 2023

So far this year I've helped provide:


Kids with a SunSmart education


Calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


Days of a PhD student's world-class research

My level:

Thank you to my Sponsors


Margaret Blade

Well done Vivi for such an important cause!


L Parton

Beautiful and worthy cause, well done!




Toby Mcfadden


Mia Crow

A wonderful daughter<3


Elizabeth Gooch

Good luck Vivienne


Bec Spaull

Well done Viv!


Peerce Mcmanus

Go V! Your dad must be so proud.











Joan Drouyn

Good on you Vivi - you are contributing to a wonderful cause.




John Mcmurray

Great idea Viv, he'd be proud of this.


Sarah, Brad, Finn And Milo Simon

Good on you Viv! What a wonderful thing to do x


Erik Olbrei


Marietta Canulli


J Skelly

Such an honour to be supporting you, Viv! Thinking of you and Phil.


Elizabeth Gooch

All the best, Vivienne. You did a wonderful job looking after Phillip. He was happy to be with you during his illness.


Helen Armstrong

Happy to support such a worthwhile goal Viv.


Kim Psaila

My wonderful daughter you have a beautiful soul


Jeffrey Psaila

Go well Viv.


Sue Psaila

You’re a wonderful daughter Viv Phillip was very proud of you


Dorothe Palamountain

Very Happy to support your project, Vivienne. Thinking if you all at this time. 🙂


Viv P

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