Brock Meuris

Adelaide 2024

I'm stepping up against cancer!

This year Brock will be walking in the relay for life after loosing his grandfather, Joe, to cancer late last year. His grandfather was an incredible man and huge part of his life. 

Over the past 20 years his grandfather dedicated a lot of his time to volunteer work and helping others, which lead to overseas travel, working in multiple countries to provide them with basic necessities like, showers, toilets and building houses within the less fortunate communities. 

13 years ago Joe was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, against all odds he was a surviver but early last year the cancer returned. Joe wanted to be remembered for ‘helping others’ and in the eyes of many, he’s remembered for exactly that.  

We appreciate any support you can provide for this cause. As a thank-you for donating, Brock is giving back to you with a chance to win a gift card for both @terraandsol_ & @yeahnahyeah_adl

Prize 1 - Terra & Sol Gift Card $250 
Prize 2 - Yeah Nah Yeah Gift Card $100

You can donate via the link in bio xx 

'You can't change the world, but you can make a little bit of a difference to some people'

So far this year I've helped provide:


Kids with a SunSmart education


Calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


Days of a PhD student's world-class research

My level:

Thank you to my Sponsors



Proud of you Brocky


Chase Meuris


David Kenning

Best of luck Brock



Great job mate keep up the good work


Sean & Tori


Martha Melick





Reno Marrasso


Rachel Meuris


Simone Hargrave

Have fun, nice work!!


Phil Aoukar

We can never do enough to help anyone affected by Cancer. Keep fighting the fight. 🙏🙏🙏


Giorgio De Vito

Well done Brock, supper proud of you!


Nicole Devito

Very proud of you, Brock All the very best x


Denise Cominetti


Kerry Antoniou


Kara Cleary


Reece Caruso




Mike Loy

Great cause & doing your Grandpa proud Brock mate, sorry for your loss


Cooper Williams


Brock Meuris


Brock Meuris

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