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Calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


Days of a PhD student's world-class research

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We did it!! 82.5 laps, some laughter and tears

Thanks so much to everyone for your support over the weekend. It was an incredibly inspiring and appropriately emotional event. 
Whilst running and enjoying ourselves we also remembered so many loved ones lost to cancer and recognised the courage and strength shown by those who are currently going through treatment, or caring for someone with a cancer diagnosis. 

Sidd, Rajan and I ran a total of 82.5 laps of the track between us, which was well above the 66 we'd originally aimed for, one year for each year of Tita's life. We received lots of support from our team, Terrigal Trotters, and it was incredibly inspiring seeing so many people out there running, moving, walking in support of this initiative. We read each of your messages of support together before we headed off to the event and Sidd and Rajan were super happy we reached our fundraising target. 

Thanks again to everyone who supported us. So very much appreciated. 
Love Sidd, Rajan and Minty xxx

Increased fundraising target!!

Thanks to all the generous donations we've received in the last 24 hours, we've smashed our goal of raising $500!!  I've discussed with Sidd and Rajan and we've decided to stretch our fundraising target to $1000. 

Sidd wrote some words to help us with our campaign: 'We are donating money to learn how to cure cancer. Will you give us some money? We are doing relay for life 100 times around the track. Thanks'.  Mum said no to 100 laps and reduced to 66... 

Thanks again to everyone for supporting us. 
Love Sidd, Rajan and Minty xxx

66 laps for Tita Miren

We've set our goal!! Sidd, Rajan and I will be running / walking / crawling / hopping / skipping / jumping / moving 66 laps during Relay for Life, which is 26.4 kilometres. We're doing this for our Tita Miren who passed away earlier this year and was a very special person in our life. 

This is the first fundraising event Sidd and Rajan have ever participated in. We've had a lot of conversations about the different ways money can help make a difference to this meaningful cause and why we're choosing to run 66 laps during Relay for Life. 

Thank you in advance for every dollar donated, no matter how small. Love from Sidd, Rajan and Minty xxx

Thank you to my Sponsors






Willows Hair

Well done


Sanjay Gupta

Great work Sidd, Rajan and Minty, best of luck. Very proud of you. Love dad xxxx


Your Gilders Family In Uk

Your boys are following in your footsteps Minty, and learning quality things from you! Both of them - chips off the old block. So proud of your achievements down under. We’ll all be supporting from UK next weekend and look forward to hearing how you get on. XXXXXXXXXXXX


Radhey Shayam Gupta

Good luck to you and the boys. I hope you have a lot of fun, Love Daddu


Ferny G

Good Luck Minty, Sidd and Rajan! Great challenge xxx


Natty & Phil

Lots of laps! Well done for fund raising for a good cause. Help each other through the challenge and be proud of what you achieve. Lots of love xxx


The Curran Clan

Well done for fundraising for such a worthy cause xxxxx


Graham & Karen

good luck Minty


Lexi And Aaron

Well done you three, you are amazing! Good luck! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other! Xoxoxox



Well done Minty, Sidd and Rajan. An excellent cause to support. Have fun together on the day and know your family and friends in the UK think you are amazing. Loads of ❤️ xxxxxx


Catherine Cameron

Great to hear you’re all running.Go for it! Sent with lots of love, Geoff & Catherine


David Gilders

Although our country is in a financial crisis I still feel the need to support this worthy cause. I have done a Mini audit and raided my holiday, car and tax accounts to muster together to make this donation so run your hearts out. We love ❤️ you. X.


Martha Chohan

Hi I’m Martha your cousin and want you to know I think of you s lot xx



Brilliant effort! Will save many lives. Well done Sid, Raj and Minty!! Very impressed! Go for it! Love Gramps XXXXXX


Ro Leaver

Rooting for the 3 of you Minty ❤️


Richard Wilson

Great work all of you wonderful people🙂🙂


Nitu Tran

Way to go Minty, Sidd and Rajan. We're really proud of you all xx


Isabel And Rupert

Well done guys 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼



Goal exceeded!


Cio And Geoff Saul

Tita Miren would be so excited about all those laps. Good luck and love from Tita Cio and Tito Geoff



Go Sidd, Rajan and Minty-what a huge effort! Xx


Monica Trapaga

What a wonderful way to celebrate Tita Miren, She did alot of fund raising in her time. Good luck, 66 is a lot of laps, Lots of love from Tita Mon


Minty Gupta


Minty Gupta

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